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The Trinitarian Dance: How the Triune God Develops Transformational Leaders

Author: Sharon Tam, Foreward by: Leighton Ford
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Sharon Tam has been dancing with the Trinity for over thirty years. She is an ordained pastor and a trained spiritual director who thoughtfully loves God by genuinely loving others. She developed this paradigm of leadership training to equip lay leaders in the church, but soon discovered how applicable it was for preparing future leaders and resourcing pastors. She continues offering this training to local Toronto churches.

trinitariandance_cover2The Trinitarian Dance presents a model of leadership development based on the Holy Trinity. Part one analyzes the present state of the cultural and ecclesiastical situation in Canada, identifying specific trends and aspects relating to the need for development of effective leadership in the church. This section sets the stage for Part two, where a theology of trinitarian leadership is developed based on the dynamic of perichoresis, with the motif of a dance used to present a paradigm of transformational leadership. Part three offers church-based strategies for leadership development, concluding with a creative application of the doxological formula that captures the thrust of the entire book and leads it to a finale that includes a benediction of hope for the church through this leadership model.

“The music begins. We see a welcoming wave, calling us to join. Not any dance, but one of God–the Three. Feel the rhythm and joy of being in step with our Lord and Creator. Sharon Tam in The Trinitarian Dance provides a working metaphor for leaders of the vitality there is in understanding and being in step with this God–Father, Son, and holy spirit–we love and serve.” –Brian C. Stiller, Global Ambassador, The World Evangelical Alliance, Ontario

“Sharon Tam issues a compelling invitation to embrace a model of Christian leadership shaped by a robust theology of the Trinity. It also provides the pastor with helpful implementation pointers to develop congregational leaders. Though the challenges in the Canadian church and society are addressed there is much to be gained by the church in the West. This volume is powerfully engaging, refreshingly wholesome and transformationally hopeful for the kingdom.” –T. V. Thomas, Director, Centre for Evangelism & World Mission, Regina, Saskatchewan

“Readers of The Trinitarian Dance will be challenged to overcome the Canadian culture of individualism and the privatization of faith. Sharon Tam presents the Trinity as a biblical and foundational model for transformational leadership development in Christian communities. We need to emulate ‘the love of the Father, the worth of the Son, and the empowerment of the Holy Spirit.’ I recommend this book to anyone interested in the revitalization of the Canadian church.” –Hugh A. McNally, founder, Atlantic Society for Biblical Equality, Halifax, Nova Scotia

“Sharon Tam has anchored her perspective on leadership to the challenges in the contemporary Canadian culture on the one hand, and the other, to the opportunities inherent in a robust and dynamic understanding of the Triune God. Her opinions and recommendations sharpen the edges of her extensive research. The application of insights from Trinitarianism to leadership that will make a difference in Canadian society and beyond is creative and challenging. This book helps address a gap in our literature in this area.” –Paul Bramer, Professor of Christian Formation and Leadership, Tyndale University College and Seminary, Toronto

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